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For all its worth
Our little home for a day. :) #GK
Happy Happy Birthday ulit Jin! :) insert *katrisindi* :3 #GKloves Beeeeees! :))))))
Karun pa nag sink-in nga humana jud diay ku skwela’g College. :’))
Congratulations Mama and Papa! :*
The photo, the Diploma says it all. Thank You Dear God for everything! <3
Thank You Mama and Papa! This is all for you! :* <3 #38PinningCeremony
a lifetime treasure. <3
Thank you very much Mama! kahit di ku kaayu fan ug gold. :)) I love it, pero I love you most! :**
just the way it should be.
Goodnight! :°
lovin’ and livin’ life <3
Her fave photo. :))))) @itsallaboutjajeng
In-charge of my own happiness. :)